Let's Talk... Podcast Episodes

Let's Talk...

Welcome to our podcast and join us in making voices heard. Listen to the thoughts, experiences and advice from people who just like us, know the importance of inclusion. Talking on the topics of feminism, living with a disability, ethnicity and LGBTQ+, our guests help to understand why inclusion is needed, and how we can all make a difference.

Let's Talk...Feminism

Episode 1. Feminism

Welcome to the first Let’s Talk episode which talks all things feminism. Paul chats with Hannah Casey, a current DKIT final year student studying Film & Television. Hannah chats with us about her thoughts, opinions, and experience regarding feminism. As a content creator on YouTube, Hannah has recently began sharing her own period advice and education in her videos on her social media, in hopes to open up discussions and break the stigma that exists when it comes to discussing the natural cycle that roughly half the population deal with on a monthly basis. Also in this episode hear the real life experiences and thoughts on feminism shared with us by current and recently graduated students.

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Let's Talk...Living with a Disability

Episode 2. Disability

Here on our next episode of Let’s Talk… join us as we speak about the importance of inclusion and accessibility for those living with a disability. In this episode Paul is joined with current student Eoghan Watters as he shares with us his own experiences as a student with a disability. Eoghan speaks out about what it’s like having an invisible disability and comments on the effects it has on his life. We also hear from Róisín Hackett and their opinions on the inclusion of people with disabilities at third level.

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Let's Talk...Ethnicity and Equality

Episode 3. Ethnicity and Equality

On this episode of Let’s Talk… listen along to our conversation with Miriam Olamjiwon. Miriam speaks out about her views and experiences of being a black woman as a student and discusses what could be done to ensure all students feel safe and included in colleges regardless of their ethnicity. We also hear the thoughts of current DKIT SU president Taidgh Kavanagh on inclusion and equality in college.

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Let's Talk...LGBTQ+

Episode 4. LGBTQ+

On our final episode of Let’s Talk… join us as we talk to Lauren Colhoun, former DKIT student and member of Pride Soc. Lauren talks us through her thoughts on LGBTQ+ inclusion in college, her experience with Pink Training and what she feels could be done going forward to ensure all LGBTQ+ students feel safe, welcomed and included. We also hear the thoughts shared with us from our audience.

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