Let's Talk...

A podcast-based research project which hopes to provide the students of Ireland with a platform to voice and celebrate their differences.

Where the Idea Started

Well, at the start of the year we got put into groups to discuss our final year project and naturally, conversation spiralled. From college to life and events in the world, we began chatting about anything and everything. At one point Paul, our podcast host and social media manager, brought Rihanna’s Fenty X Savage catwalk show into conversation. A show where models of all shapes, sizes, genders, and ethnicities were included. We noticed how rare that is to see in today’s world and collectively, we appreciated the range of representation seen in the show. However, this led us to thinking about our own lives as college students in Ireland and how much representation there really is. What efforts are made to ensure that every student can feel included and how important is that to their success?

The value of inclusion is being seen more and more often, especially with the rise of younger activists as seen from Climate Protests and the Black Lives Matter Movement. In Ireland specifically, we’ve seen the push for change in recent years. With the legalisation of gay marriage and the appeal of the eight amendment, we know that people being included, represented and free to be who they are matters. We wanted to make a project that furthers the important conversations needed to improve inclusion going forward, with our starting focus being in colleges.

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Our Research

Read our research which discusses inclusivity as it becomes of larger relevance to society. As the ability to learn from almost anywhere at anytime and the freedom to voice opinions online increases, knowledge of social issues grows as does the relevance and need for inclusion.

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Listen to our procast

The Let's Talk.. podcast is a mini-series which discusses specific topics surrounding inclusivity as a student in Ireland. Hear voices and experiences from a variety of people and join the conversation by interacting with us on our social media and here on our website.

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Join the Conversation

Want to get involved and have your voice heard? Feel free to contact us through email or connect with us on social media! Our project wants to have an open conversation and make inclusion possible for all, that means hearing from all too. Have an experience you want to share, an opion or even a shoutout to any one who helped you to feel included in your learning experience? We want to hear from you!